Coffee Makers & Coffee Vessels

I have a similar model to KRUPS FME214, so let me tell you the big flaw about the design: Electronics on the bottom means that if you ever have an accidental overflow, the electronics get soaked. Liquid goes right into the LCD screen, and eventually mine broke. I learned a valuable lesson, to never buy a coffee machine with electronics at the base.

I picked up a Cuisinart DCC-3000FR Coffee on Demand™ 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker for my office a year ago or so and really like it. It’s easy to clean, and the little Fuel Gauge is cute.

Best is watching my colleagues try to figure out where the coffee comes out the first time they saw it.

Would absolutely recommend.

That’s good to hear, as I bought one yesterday. Price is absolutely unbeatable, and woot’s sales stats seem to indicate it’s selling better than any of the other coffee makers on this sales push.

I have this exact model , picked it up from a the local Marshalls over the holiday for much less.
That being said, this coffee maker is mostly plastic, the thermos does not hold the coffee hot for hours like the ad claims, you get at best 90 minutes of hot coffee, unless you like luke warm coffee, then it should be ok.
This does produce a fine cup of coffee but all that is really predicated on a good roast and good water, the machine does the rest

Received this in the mail yesterday. According to the Woot listing, the unit includes the “Permanent gold-tone basket-style filter” in the packaging. It does not. In fact, there is a Cuisinart sticker on the packaging that says refurbished models don’t include the filter. So if you bought this as a gift, you’re gonna look like a clown. Thanks Woot. Thanks a lot.

BTW I contacted Woot and they offered to reimburse me $8. Again, thanks Woot. Thanks a lot.