Coffee Man

Would you people stop saying “Oh no!”

…and check out my sidekicks: Orange Handled Coffee Boy and Five Hour Energy Girl!

That looks like the Kool-aid Man to me…


If my internal organs consisted of pure COFFEE like that of coffee man’s, I could break through walls as well. I just know I could.

I think he is looking for the bathroom. I know that I would be if I just had a pot of coffee.

These guys sorta remind me of the crew from Skatetown.

Mr. Kool-aid born in Hastings, Nebraska. His lesser known and more pungent cousin Mr. Coffee-aid born in Lancaster, California.

Who knew?

Man, if Coffee Man had broken through the wall at my work a couple weeks ago when I was sick, he could have saved me from dozing off during a training session. Luckily, since the trainer knew I was sick, he let me slide. But Coffee Man could have stopped the whole thing from happening!

It would have been more clever if he had busted OUT of a building with people chasing him with him shouting “OH NOOOOO”.

Does anyone else see faces on those poor broken pieces of wall?

I love how everyone tries so hard to get a quality post.

in the meantime, this shirt is… meh.

If we were having a company baseball team, I’d ALWAYS take Coffee Man over Kool-Aid Man. Why? Because Kool-Aid man is always a wild pitcher. (Ba-dum-pshhhh.)

Hmm, anyone else think these office workers resemble Archie and the rest of the gang?

I mean that guy in glasses is a dead giveaway for Dilton.

Hmm… it’s usually caffeine withdrawal that has me smashing through walls.

No endiendo lo que quiere decir…

Someone get that guy a decaf!

OH YEAH!!! This shirt is pretty sweet :smiley:

I <3 how shirt.woot’s shirts are always $10… hahaha. If you’ve had an eye on a Threadless shirt, now’s the time to get it cause it’s their 10th anniversary every tee $10 sale… check the sig…

That much coffee is going to cause some MAJOR gastric distress.