Coffee Muggin'...

limit 45 per customer… stock up I guess. Coffee Right Meow!

The image shows one side of the cups. Does the image show on the other side too? Or in only the location shown?

Yeah, I don’t know what they’re envisioning with that limit… but I like it.

$15 for one mug?
Oh, well, I guess since it has free shipping…

are they silk screened, transfer, or dye sublimated?

$15 for a coffee mug? These are Disney World prices!

On the mugs I’ve gotten from shirt.woot, the images are as they are in the pictures: one side only in most cases. Granted, all of the mugs I’ve received have been broken or damaged, so there is always a chance that things may change.

(Still in for two, with fingers crossed)

How are some sold out if they are printed to order

I’m going to chime in and echo… $15 for a mug?!? Are they hand painted by pandas??? Because if they are, then mayhe… No… $15 is still ridiculous

Exactly - also, $15?!?!

Yeah i was excited because i thought 15 for a set of cool fun mugs! Nope nope nope 15 for 1 Chinese made mug? They are delusional!

How can they be sold out of something “printed to order” anyway? I want the cat one dammit!

I’d be all over this if they were cheaper, $15 seems too much. 9.99 max, or even 2 for $15 sounds like a better price.

Seriously…I can get one with the personal picture of my choice for less money.

Coffee Levels Critical should have the heat-sensitive paint on it, so you can really see your coffee levels.

Also, I purchased one with a $5 off coupon. $10 still seemed high, but with free shipping, I’ll call that a deal.

Doh! I missed out on this deal. Much better than the one time I did the random mug sale hoping to get some great mugs. Instead I got 3 Snowman Mugs, which ranked lowest on my wish list on all mugs they released prior. I was pretty devastated and they sit unused on my office shelf taunting me as a random reminder not to do randoms.

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One of the few things I asked for, and woot actually pulled through! And I freakin’ missed it!!! v.v I guess it wasn’t meant to be ;.;

I got one of those random snowman mugs too! It had been sitting in my cupboard for a while, forgot I even had it. A couple weeks ago I noticed it, and decided to use it. Unfortunately a dead creepy crawly was sitting in it, so I grabbed a different mug instead and put snowman in the dishwasher. It’s back in the cabinet now, waiting for the next time I remember I still have it and try to use it.

No snowmen mugs this time. Sadly, I must wait for another sale before I get a satisfactory order as one of mine arrived with a design I did not order.