Coffee or Tea (and Mugs)



Time for the coffee vs. tea throwdown, 2013 style. Do you like one or the other, or both?




Coffee, hot.
Tea, cold (sweet tea, please).


Are these Cocoa mugs? Cause I’m a cocoa type of gal.


Is there room for Cocoa?


Just curious: is it just me, or does everyone have a cabinet full of mugs that were either gifts or souvenirs or freebies from conventions/meetings/etc.? Maybe it’s kitschy, but I like just having a bunch of non-matching coffee mugs.


my mother is the same way. (she is, admittedly, the kween of kitsch.) i would be, too, if i had the space.
she once inherited a collection of mugs from every US state. there are many mugs in that house.


Tea. Only.


I have mugs as part of two sets and some I picked up over the years. I prefer the random mugs and rarely use the ones from the sets. One of my oldest one was from a PC Expo in NYC - it has been with me to college, graduate school and I am still using it.


That Capresso kettle is awful. The water has a strong rubber/plastic smell. I’ve had it for over a year and tried boiling a pot every few days, and it still smells awful. I’m hoping the Breville Crystal Clear comes to Woot some time.


I have both. Some matching 4-sets, but also some non-matching.

Oh, and I drink both coffee and tea.


Just a reminder (learned the last time the “reactive glaze” mugs were sold. They do not change color when heated. The reaction is part of the glazing process. They are very pretty mugs, though!

Hmm…I’m sure it’s not me being a collector it’s gotta be that mugs reproduce behind cabinet doors…yeah, that’s my story… :wink:


Yeah, we goofed last time on that but we’ve fixed the sale so it’s correct now.


Where’s the cute Cafe’ Latte Mug? I like that one!

I have a ton of promo mugs I try to “give away”, or stash at peoples houses. I’m sneaky!


OK, now …I’m not trying to say there are steroids or performance-enhancing drugs in effect here. Not trying to say that.
What I AM trying to say is that I ordered mugs last night. 1) Because they’re pretty, 2) Because I saw everyone talking about “kitchy non-matching coffee mugs” and instantly noticed that these mugs ARE non-matching (see all the different colors?) and that would make me “kindakitchy”, and 3) I wanted to be both glazed AND reactive.

Anyway - I ordered them. Last night. TODAY - I got a notice they had SHIPPED already, scheduled to be here by the 8th of January?!?!?!?

AGAIN - not pointing the Doping Wand at the Woot shipping dept., but it seems that since before Christmas there has been a HUUUUGE kick in the “shipping and processing” pants over there. And yeah, OK, maybe I AM trying to say it prolly hain’t nat-chrel. I’m pleased with it on MY end, but if the warehouse folks suddenly notice bits of themselves shrivelling up and falling off, wellllll…just sayin’.



DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN THEY JUST SHIPPED MY OTHER THING I ORDERED LAST NIGHT FROM ANOTHER WOOT PAGE AS WELL… I just love it here. I REALLY do. I love you, Woot people. You are tearing it UP on the fast shipping! Good job!


Where is this made? China?


Definitely tea for me! I have the Breville One-Touch Tea Maker and it’s the best tea maker I have ever owned.

I really like the look of these mugs, but I wish they didn’t have handles. I prefer my mugs without for better hand warming.