Coffee Science

A happy shirt that is beautifully designed! :slight_smile:

Sunshine helps grow the beans, which is later brewed with hot water, then served with sugar and cream, so happiness … to everyone else around me because I’ve had my coffee!

Eh, something like that, right? :slight_smile:

Sugar adds the sparkle

это дает вам энергию!

I lasted 2 years before making a new joke with this concept. In t-shirt years that’s like, 20 right? :^)

Thanks so much to everyone who voted this to print. Huzzah! You fine folks have kept the lights on at crumbling Spiritgreen Manor. A toast of hot caffeine to you all.

Penny and Kuthrapali would love this, but I’m afraid Sheldon, ignoring the anthropomorphism, would be appalled that sunlight, coffee beans and water don’t make up the nucleus that is coffee itself, leaving sugar, cream and rainbows in the peripheral electron orbits. But Sheldon is a douche, so there’s that.

That’s the physics of coffee right there.

Ahem. This design NEEDS to be available on a tote bag, STAT.

Nah. 2 years is 2 years. Changes in people’s taste ha been that drastic, hence cute/geek still has customers here.

You do need to science more foods, though!

RemindMe! Two Years


I feel like having myself a cup of java now. Great design SG!