Coffee, Tea, So On, So Forth

Although I can’t comment on the exact models shown here, I bought a Cuisinart DCC-2600FR Brew Central 14-Cup Coffeemaker (refurbished) from Woot! on May 19, 2013 and, IMHO, I believe it’s about the best overall coffee maker I’ve ever owned. I get great coffee every time and it still looks brand new. After too many other big name brands had either given up the ghost or had irreplaceable parts, I am thrilled with the Cuisinart and will happily add another as the need arises.

I own the DBG-900BCFR, but with a glass carafe. LOVE IT!!! Does a very good job at making me freshly ground, freshly-brewed coffee every day. Made me a coffee snob. :slight_smile:

Yo… Woot Mod…

I don’t believe you have the correct photo for “Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker - DCC-110BKFR”, priced at $36.99.

Your photo is showing a stainless carafe.

Does not this Cuisinart coffeemaker arrive with a glass carafe?

Sorry for the late reply and thank you for spotting the incorrect sales pic.

The sales picture SHOULD look like this:

I’ve notified Home Staff and hopefully they’ll update the offer soon.

Thanks, ROGETRAY… and not to worry, no apology needed.

I have the otherwise identical Cuisinart coffeemaker - with the stainless thermal carafe.

Often I wish it did have the glass carafe for ease of cleaning.

These are great coffeemakers that brew a superb cup of coffee!

For anyone who enjoys iced coffee skip the “iced coffee maker” and pick up the 32oz or 48oz French press instead.

With out getting into to many details your iced coffee will be bitter if you drip brew over ice.

I bought the 48oz French press last time and it works pretty well. I have switched from using my glass press for sure.
There are a couple of things I noticed that would have been good to know before purchase:

1)The plunger does not stay firmly down, which means that when you get to the bottom of the pot and you think it is empty, if you push the plunger down then pour again there is a bunch more coffee that comes out
2)the back up screen on the lid gets clogged up pretty easily and the coffee won’t pour unless you clean it (which requires removing the plunger with the lid). I am using a burr grinder on the coarsest setting.

Minor things, and the size and metal construction are really nice. Plus, I am secretly hoping that I am just ignorant in the ways of the coffee and someone will point that out to me along with some helpful hints to address my complaints.