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The grinder has a removable grinding bowl.

I use it for grinding spices. Then I can wash it and grind a different spice.

That way I don’t get cumin powder in my fennel

I have the “grind central” coffee grinder, and really like it. I’d buy another at this price if I didn’t already have a backup. The reviews on amazon are middling, but I really like it, especially the part where I can remove the bowl and clean it easily.

We had that Grind-and-Brew coffee maker for a couple of years. Decent enough coffee maker, but it has a major design flaw.

The grinding mechanism is offset from the chute that drops ground coffee into the basket. They have to travel horizontally for two inches - creating an area where things get really clogged up over a handful of uses. Enough that you either need to clean out that area every 1-2 uses OR get a vacuum attachment in there ever 4-5 uses.

Point in all of this is don’t think of the Grind-and-Brew as a time-saving device at all. This is a fickle machine that will give you fresh-ground coffee in the morning along with a lot of clean-up effort.

We eventually replaced the machine with a good grinder and another, more basic coffee maker.

I bought the Jura Ena Micro 1 last time it was offered. It replaced the YouBrew as I was looking high and low for a grind and brew that actually works the way it is supposed to. Had a slight issue and Jura customer service was amazing. have to say that making coffee is now error free and every cup is really good. I have used the Cuisinart Keurig and the YouBrew but could never get a consistently delicious cup of coffee. Now I press a button. Great coffee and espresso. Freshly ground. That’s it. Def worth the investment.

Same as the above on spices. These grinders don’t really do it for me on coffee, but on my house made garam masala or five spice? Hard to beat this thing.

I have had the 14 cup coffee maker now for a few months. It’s been awesome. Can’t beat the refurb price.

Be careful if you purchase the Cuisinart Single Serve Brewer for K-cups. I bought it last go around and it worked exactly three times before it stopped brewing completely (took in water to the internal tank, but would never output anything). From reading the forums last time it was sold, I know I wasn’t the only one.

To make matters worse, Cuisinsart refused to uphold the 90 Day Warranty on the brewer because I was unable to complete the full troubleshooting process while on the phone with them. (I couldn’t rinse or descale the machine because there was no way to empty the internal tank and have it intake vinegar for the descaling process, since it wouldn’t output any water.)

Woot was kind enough to offer me a refund to counteract Cuisinart’s ridiculousness.

I’ve had two of the Cuisinart coffee grinders. Reason being, the first stopped working after 3 uses. I think I am partly at fault as I probably overfilled it. So with caution I really watched it on the second one but had the same result. Love their coffee makers and recommend them highly, just can’t endorse the grinder.

The “My Friendly Mug” doesn’t tell what the mugs are made out of. That royally bites. If it is ceramic, that isn’t a bad price. If it is plastic, that price sucks especially since it doesn’t state that the hot water mugs are BPA free.

On Amazon it says it’s ceramic, so I think I’ll bite.

From the features:
This durable porcelain mug features a stainless steel filter and includes a lid that closes securely on top

We’ll just be over in the corner crying silently. :wah:

I got the Cuisinart DCC-2600FR Brew Central 14-Cup Coffeemaker last time around and have been using it daily for a few weeks now. We absolutely love it! We now can get our fill of coffee without having to make another 1/2 pot every day. With so many features, you can have it however you like it. It replaced a still working Krupps Bistro machine where they discontinued the replacement pot that fits it. Sorry Krupps but no more from you.

Wow, I just bought one of these from another site and exactly the same thing has happened to me - it worked three times and stopped making coffee. I thought I was doing something wrong.

Yeah, that tells me there is some specific issue with the machines that Cuisinart is not fixing. They are getting them to work just long enough to resell them as “factory reconditioned” and then refusing to honor the 90 day warranty that comes with their factory reconditioned machines.

I hope you are able to return the machine for a refund to where ever you purchased it. Because I’d be shocked if Cuisinart did anything for you.

i am disgusted with woot, i have ordered many items from them and now this time, there is a screw up and i have now discovered how woots customer service really sucks. I have spent a great deal of money on the woot site, and now, i can not even speak to someone about an order being messed up and never delivered…shame shame woot

I’m sorry for the problems you are having. Is there a problem with the order? Delivery?

I ordered a coffee machine for $530. I enever got any confirmation for shipment so i emailed woot, they sent me tracking information. The tracking said that the item was refused and sent back, I NEVER GOT THE ITEM TO REFUSE IT. Noe, try to call woot is impossible and their service sucks. I called capressso, and they blame woot, woot blames them, and i have no machine. Woot said maybe the address info was wrong, impossible I have used this info on my account many times. I am getting no where with them.

Will PM you. You can read your PMs in the upper right corner of the Forums bar, to the right of Everything But Woot.