Coffee vs. Tea: Holding-A-Grudge Match

coffee won long ago. once coffee won over england, it was over. even china prefers coffee. sure, tea lovers are a bit crazy, but take away one’s coffee and see how crazy we get.

you only prooved that tea’ers are bigger jerks… point to coffee.

The flowering tea gets full points for presentation, but the last time I saw a liquid that color, they had to shoot the horse.

I’m a little disappointed that neither this event nor the Breville one has this bad bastard, but even at Woot prices I couldn’t afford it anyway.

Thanks for bringing the Jura S9 back… at the last listing, by the time my wife decided she wanted one, it was gone.

Can anyone comment on whether the insulated stainless milk container is included?
“…the Jura S9 draws milk from an insulated stainless steel container…”

Hi I am having trouble finding more information on the xs90b model, I am debating between this one and the j9. My main concern is ease of use. I want my wife to be able to come down in the morning hit 1 button and be done and have a great coffee experience. How exactly does the xs90 work for frothing the milk and cleaning? do we have to attach the container first does it suck it up from a cup what is involved. I don’t want to get into anything that is a time consuming process. Please link a video or detailed instructions for this model.

Thank you

One person spent $2400 on coffee makers - and I thought I liked coffee…

Hey woot staff - still waiting hear from someone about the busted Giro you shipped me 3 weeks ago…

Here’s the overview. Essentially, the XS90 is targeted towards an office environment.

And if you don’t want to futz with a milk container -

I can’t believe I missed the glass teapot. I HAVE to stop sleeping in!

[QUOTE=pjk3, post:9, topic:401696]
Here’s the overview. Essentially, the XS90 is targeted towards an office environment.

And if you don’t want to futz with a milk container -


Thanks, that was also the review I had seen but the model numbers didn’t quite match up as this one was listed as xs90b and couldn’t find anything directly related to it.

It is my understanding that the “B” is specific to the refurbished unit.

You missed the opportunity to have a box of broken glass shipped to you? Consider yourself lucky. Seriously though, that has been my experience with the last two products from Primula that I have ordered online.

Were they replaced for you?

Sorry for the shipping sadness. Be sure to email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

They’ll send a replacement if stock is available (we do aim to sell out of items so they’re not always in stock).

While I am sad that it took Woot! 9 days to tell me that my purchase was covered by Seattle Coffee Company and no need for RMA, I am happy to say that a < 5 minute phone call to them and my replacement water tank is on the way.

Nice folks.

Bad news is now I have no excuse to buy the One-Touch (oh well - maybe next year)

I own the Chantal 37-LOOP tea kettle (the one with the open wire on the front part of the handle). My only complaint is that when the kettle gets hot, the plastic lever to open the spout becomes soft and doesn’t always pull the spout open. Sometimes it just bends.

Saeco 708461104489 Odea Go Eclipse Espresso Machine.
You need a real coffee maker if still using a drip coffee maker. I’m telling you that is coffee. I’m in awe as this “larger than thought” & “worth every penny” produces such awesome coffee & is so much more than I expected.
First neat thing, underneath is a round track of wheels, moving this big boy takes a push of fingers and glides to where you want it. Easy directions, coffee was made in a few seconds. The built in grinder is pretty quite, best blades and also takes regular ground coffee. Get hot water, froth milk and regulate drinks to your taste. Within several seconds fresh, lively & many drink types are in your hand.
I would have paid much more for this had I known what I know now.
Never again will I use the drip monster. You need this, you have spent more on less and make your money back on weekends with a coffee bar set up in your driveway.

My order has been stuck on “Shipping Now” since Friday about noon.

Anyone else order a Jura and have theirs ship? Or is this typical for other orders?

(My other woots have usually shipped pretty promptly…)

It sounds like maybe the shipping label was created but the item hasn’t moved out the door quite yet.

I would email into Woot Member Services at and let them know what’s going on. Be sure to include your order number and username so they may reply and resolve the issue quicker.