Cohesion 9” Queen Air Bed with Built-in Pump

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Cohesion 9" Queen Air Bed with Built-in Pump
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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When I saw this woot, I deflated.

This is what I get when I drown out my wife too much.

put this on home.woot! ugh.

Will this work with my Commodore?

Wow. This could be incredibly useful out camping. It’s better than forcing young kids to use a bike pump for you.

Perfect. Need. sleep.

Best used for "Blob"ing your nieces and nephews at the Christmas gathering.

How many of these damn things did you buy Woot?!

enough air mattresses shun knives please

Will this fit in my tent?

Wasn’t this $39.99 yesterday? Cheaperer and cheaperer

Bag of Crap might want to take a nap on this. I know I could use some sleep…

Doubles as a floatation device in case of an emergency.

I see what you did there, a carry over post for those of us bored enough to read them all…very clever.

This woot-off appears geared for the wootpocalypse. Knives, tents, mattresses, laptops…

I feel like I’ve seen so many air mattresses. I need a twin one though!

anyone find any reviews on this?