Cohesion 9” Twin Air Bed

Woot. I am dissapoint.

somehow the words cohesion and twin seem to belong together.

Clearly you’ve slept in a condom before…

I mean…



You can put one outside a window and toss your apple out atop it…and watch it either bounce about as high as the window, or collapse through it, depending on inflation level.

The twin is 9". The bed is trying to catch up.

Built-in pump.

Yeah, baabyyy…

I’ve seen this before. Like this time last night.

Nope, just a m.a.c-daddy

Naw. You’ve got it confused with one of the 432 Rakus.

Are you thinking that other sites have this bed for a less ‘inflated’ price ?

The 9" is referring to the thickness of the bed, not the length or width.

curses! I must sleep. When will this torment end?

9" is 9 inches.
9’ is 9 feet.

So, this is a 9 inch bed?

For A Barbie Doll…probably the next woot item!

Woot trying to tell is something?

Hmm. I think I just had a philosophical moment. I keep thinking that every item woot puts up is garbage - but in fact, its the same crap they have always sold on this site. Although, I have only seen one vacuum so far… Have I created a expectation of my lovely Woot! that was never true? Have I been blind to this the whole time?

For the love of all that is monkey. please. let me go Woot!, let me go in peace.

The built-in air pump is kinda cool.

Air mattresses usually only last a season, though, if you’re doing outdoor camping, so I don’t really think it’d be that cost effective to get one like this.

I would not recommend this bed for conjugal visits.

When someone pulls the plug on this inflated bed.

FOr some reason, I get the feeling Woot wants me to go to bed.