Colavita Olive Oil Mini-Bottles (240)

Colavita Olive Oil Mini-Bottles (240)

Aren’t they cute? Or, you could buy a big bottle, go to someplace that sells small bottles, fill your own, personalize with a ribbon, just sayin’…

After listening to a talk show host about Italian Olive Oil and the Mafia control, I only buy Spanish Olive Oil which is Govt inspected by Spain for purity.

Any way to know what the expiration date is on these?

Best By: April 2019

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Italian oil is processed in late Fall, and has a typical use by date of 1 year from then. Given that this is 5 months from expiration, it may be at least 7 months old. Don’t know for sure, but this is a trusted company.

I was recently reading about a type of very dark, very tasty honey produced only in Australia. It’s known as Manuka. Saw some recently in a Home Goods store- 39.95 for a small bottle. Anyhoo, it seems that the actual harvest of this honey totals around 2/3’s of what was sold as Manuka!