COLD-1 Insulated Steel Tumblers

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COLD-1 Insulated Steel Tumblers
Price: $14.99 - 20.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Aug 22 to Thursday, Aug 25) + transit
Condition: New


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7/23/2016 - $14.99 - 22.99 - Click To See Discussion (32 comments)

8/1/2016 - $14.99 (Woot Plus)

I have both the tumbler and the cooler. They work! I had the tumbler outside in 96° weather and still had ice at the end of the day. It does keep ice 24 hours. Now the cooler is a little harder to judge as who takes 4 hours to drink a beer? But my coke stays cold so it’s all good.

I got two of these last time they were available, based on good reviews on other sites. I like to drag water around with me all day to drink. I started putting less ice in the cup than I used to because the ice doesn’t melt like it does in my other large cups, and then I’m stuck with less water. I’ve left it in my car while running errands with the temps in the 90s outside (so probably ten million in my car) and still have ice left after several hours. Super impressed with these-enough to write my first comment here!

Seems like there are a several brands that are amazing knockoffs of the Yeti…Mossy Oak, Cold 1 and my favorite Ozark Trail from walmart for $7.74 and $9.74. The 32 oz version at walmart can also be found in black.

MisFit Is correct, the Ozark Trail Cups from Walmart work really well and there are many videos comparing them with the big name cups that go for $40 and up. The Walmart Cups did just as well and sometimes better. My wife and I love ours. One little learning curve about them tho, don’t over-ice them hoping that it will be melted while you do shopping, etc… It doesn’t melt, it stays ice without water. Just ice it normal like you would at home and it will still be perfect for you when shopping on hot days, and you will have a happy cup of water waiting for you when you get to it.

I bought a few of these a couple months ago. They do work well, but not as well as some other knockoffs I own. Ice is melted by mid day vs the full 24 hours of others. Still great, but there are better kknockoffs. The lid is a very nice feature. While not quite water tight, it does close. Something even the $40+ cups ddon’t have.

These are great, but another bad deal from Woot. We just bought two of the 34 ounce cups from Costco last week for the same price Woot is selling one, here (after shipping is included). And Walmart sells Ozark brand for much less and they work very well, too. For these cups, we left some ice and water in our cup in the car in extremely high heat (high 90’s outside), and then left the water and ice in the cup overnight (still in the car), as well, and there was still a small amount of ice in the water the next day. No need to pay crazy Yeti prices, or even these Woot prices.

I bought the 24oz one at Menards for $19.99 a couple months ago. It is currently on sale for $11.56. Figures. May pick up another couple for the home now.

I have a couple Yeti and these are comparable. Who really needs cold their drink to last 24+ hours?

The Ozark Trail cups at Walmart really kill this deal. You can get two of them for the price of one of these and there is a negligible difference between the insulation of each, and in many cases the Ozark Trail has been better as proven in multiple tests online.

Sorry to all the knock off people, you aren’t going to beat Walmart at that game.

Price Drop on 24oz Tumbler

Hey there! We’ve lowered the price on the 24oz tumbler to $14.99. Go buy ALL the tumbler!

If you already purchased, that money will hop back in your pockets soonish.

Don’t waste your money, but a Yeti Rambler

These are great, I’m drinking out of one right now. I know they are the same as the Ozark ones at WalMart, but the lids on these make it way better in my opinion. You can close it up (not completely air-tight, but very leak proof), you have an opening for a large straw, or you can drink out of the side opening. It’s very versatile. I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond with a 20% off coupon, probably came out to around what Woot is charging when you factor in the $5 shipping. But would definitely recommend it!

30 oz Ozark Trail from Walmart; $9.74. Game. Set. and Match. Beats Yeti in performance testing.

Another option is RTIC brand, which offers better prices than those here and free shipping on orders over $19. I ordered all three sizes from them a few months ago and have been very impressed with them.

Ozark 30 oz
Most awesome

Wow - I purchased 2 of the 24oz cups earlier today, and I got my refund. Thanks Woot!

I just purchased an Ozark Trail 30oz and I love it, but I’m thinking the lid and straw make this worth the extra money.

Also, if I gave my wife an Ozark Trail cup she would love it until some smart alec told her it game from Walmart. I should be safe to gift these.

They are all made in China presumably by the same company. Only difference ive found between the Yeti, Rtic and Ozark are the embossing on the side and lid and the price. My ozark i fill with icewater at 7am and keep it on my desk. at 7am the next morning still has ice. Just go to walmart and get em for less than 8 bucks. oh and the ozarks have a lifetime warranty. Just dont wash them in the dishwasher. It voids the warranty.