COLD-1 Insulated Tumblers

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COLD-1 Insulated Tumblers
Price: $12.99 - 22.99
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What kind of lid does the 16 oz. Steel pint come with?

I just bought 2 at Costco for 19.99 and no shipping.

I just bought the 30oz tumbler by RTIC on amazon for $16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it, something so silly but I used to constantly carry this large water cup around my house with me and it always would sweat and need coasters.

NOW the new one holds ice very long and doesn’t have any condensation at all. I can imagine all of these are pretty much the same however I do like the locking lid on this one, mine just slips on the top and seals with a rubber seal.

These are great - we have two of the 34 oz. tumblers and my wife uses one every day. Ice does not melt. Every bit as good as far more expensive Yeti tumblers. BUT, although far cheaper than Yeti, these are expensive compared to other places. We got TWO at Costco for $24.99, i.e., less than half the Woot price when factoring in S&H. There are few left at Costco, though. Our nearest location has sold out, I believe.

They have them for $13.99 on amazon right not with free prime shipping it’s a steal

Ozark Trails Tumblers from Walmart. $9.94 for the larger one, $7.94 for the smaller one.

Yep and they work just as well. Honestly, when did we start living in a world where you worried about whether your ice would last 6 hours in a cup?

Let me second this one as well. I have Yeti and Ozark Mountain tumblers and can coozies. They are identical. The Ozark stuff is cheap and available at Walmart.

Answer: Since I moved to the sweat coast of Florida.

Does anyone know if the coozie fits a skinnier can (like Mich Ultra)? I have Rtic cozies, but they are made for normal sized cans, but would love that type of quality for a skinnier can.

Just here to confirm Walmart Ozark trail works just the same. 30 OZ for 9.97. I have 4 and love them!

Here’s a video that compares the $40 Yeti cup.

In store or on their site?? Also what size was it?

I third this (or 4th or 5th by now).
<$10 and I love mine.

I have never seen these at either one of our Costcos…not the Cold-1 brand. All they ever had was the Contigo brand in tumblers and these mugs…®-Midtown-Travel-Mug-2pk.product.100311860.html?pageSize=96&catalogId=10701&keyword=hot+cold+mugs&langId=-1&storeId=10301

Mute point now since they are sold out of the pints :frowning:

Unless they can give you a link…I have never seen these at our Costco…just these that have a one star out of 5 rating®-Midtown-Travel-Mug-2pk.product.100311860.html

I don’t know about this fitting your skinner can but got one last time for my wife and it fits the regular old coke can perfectly with just a little wiggle room on the width. The screw on rubber lip keeps the can from coming out so if you are using a skinner can…

I think you are right about all of them being pretty much the same BUT I was given a Yeti as a present and I got my wife the 24oz Cold-1 from the last time Woot had them and hands down Cold-1 has the best lid. I has a wide drink from it slot and a straw hole and both of them can be completely sealed off unlike ANY of the others. If you don’t care about the quality and or options of the lid then the Ozark will work just fine. (I did see a comparison test where the guy and his son put Ozark , Yeti and another brand in the oven and they all kept the ice cubes about the same except for the Ozark and it’s lid warped all out of shape and fell down inside the cup…so just don’t put your Ozark in the oven :slight_smile: