Cold Pizza

With Pigs Are More than Just Bacon and Cold Pizza printing on consecutive days, Odysseyroc nails tasty breakfasts, lunches, and dinners!

Finally I can express my deep love for day old cold pizza on a shirt the entire world will see. I’m in for 3 as I’m sure my friends will try to steal this off my back.

So true, so much better the next day, although I do occasionally reheat mine. Nice job capturing the greasy thinness of an East Coast slice.

Incase you couldn’t guess, I like really greasy food!

I totally didn’t expect back to back print days. way cool.

There’s nothing like a slice of cold pizza. Finally, a shirt that will allow me to proclaim my love for this chilly delight!

I just stocked my fridge with pizza tonight because Papa John’s had amazing one-day-only deals.

Too bad it’s on green. I probably would have bought it if it was on maroon.

Perfect shirt for tonight’s NYE parties…and tomorrow’s hangover breakfast!

New Year’s Eve pizza party = New Year’s Day cold pizza party ftw. Everyone does that, right?

Congrats on the back to back prints. Odysseyroc, shirt magnate. :^)

Back to back Oroc! Nice! And now I want pizza.

QP if you ask me. Go ahead, ask!
(And, of course, I have cold pizza up in my hotel room. Who doesn’t???)

PIZZA : It’s more than just dinner!!!

I’ll never understand the love of cold pizza. Or even re-heated pizza. Give me hot, fresh pizza any day.

Yes! About time we had an awesome green shirt. Encore!

We have a dissident here …

Personal note … I made a pizza for lunch yesterday. Because of the weather, the third slice was cold already. :slight_smile:

why are tee and tee detail now showing at the bottom of the shirt images?

Our lady of the shirts removed the captions just for you. We will sometimes have them if we offer different items but that’s not the case today.

Do I get a quality post for my question? Or can I be the guest selector for a week? I buy a lot of shirts!

Congrats my friend!

There is no truth to the rumors that these are left overs (haha) from the awful ESPN morning show.

where I live in Hazleton, PA, Cold Pizza is the norm. We have at least 4 places here that make specifically “cold pizza” - to be eaten cold. No waiting til next day necessary.