Cold Steel 1108093 Golden Eye Elite Folder Knife

Cold Steel 1108093 Golden Eye Elite Folder Knife

A lot of people are going to wake up mad for missing this one. A rare Woot actual knife deal on this one. If I didn’t already one, I’d be in for another.

Ah whatever, in for two more; two groomsman gifts down, two more to go.


I stumbled on a post on reddit, found woot and the rest is history. My cold steel V card has been broken. And at a great price too.


Very nice deal on a well made and classy knife. I have been wanting one of these elite carbon fibers models for a while!

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The gold on the thumb has worn off pretty well even though I’ve only opened the knife about 20 times in total. Really didn’t expect that to happen since it’s never been exposed to anything harsh and isn’t even a month old.

This is your official warning that if this is a deal breaker for you, you may want to avoid keeping this.

Apparently having it clipped so that it’s inside my jean pocket wore out the gold after a few days of walking to work.