Cold Steel 21TU 3.5 inch Storm Cloud Knife

Cold Steel 21TU 3.5 inch Storm Cloud Knife

Top tier steel, CF overlay, G10 handle. What’s not to love?

Assisted opening?? That would be nice!!!

…allows the knife to effortlessly transition from the boardroom or church pew to the field and back again.

Wow. I’ve been to a few board meetings and more than a few church services. I don’t think I’ve ever needed an edged weapon in either place.

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Amateur! Time to google your closest ninja church.

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The price paid for a pocket knife is inversely proportionate to the time it takes loose it .
A $5 knife never goes away, wears out and ends up in a junk drawer.
$40 knife disappears after four or five months.
This knife would be gone in a week in my pocket.


EDC? Every Day Carry? Everywhere but Federal and State buildings with wands and TSA.


Not to mention sporting events. Neglected to leave my Golden Eye Elite (bought here for the terrific price of $59.99) at home 2 weeks ago. Went to a Celtics game at TD Garden in Boston… buh bye, EDC. Sure hope the a-hole that confiscated enjoys it.

They wouldn’t let you go put it in your car?

…or, aren’t there lockers somewhere in North Station?

There was no car to go put it in. Took the T. And all of the people I was going with, were already on the other side of the security screening.

That I’m not sure of. But I’m pretty sure those public lockers have long since gone away, for mostly obvious reasons.
I realized I had it on me as we approached the gates, but also thought, “well, I did the same thing last year and just held it over my head with my phone/wallet (also metal), so I can do that again”. Well they replaced last year’s gates with more sophisticated ones, so there was nothing I could do. They were confiscating Bic cigarette lighters, even.

Man, that bites. No smoking, citizen. That’s probably a tidy little scam they have going. You couldn’t be the only one with a pocket knife. I would guess what? At least 10%, maybe more of people? Probably lots of pepper spray too.

I’ve hid knives in the bushes outside security. Even a flowerpot once, when I accidentally took it into the airport.

Flowerpot knife (a very nice one) was still there when I came back through 3 weeks later.