Cold Steel 3.5" blade carbon fiber

Cold Steel 3.5" blade carbon fiber

A few gripes with this knife that keep me from buying it.

#1. The carbon scales look awful and cheap. Does not at all look like it’s price tag.
#2. The tanto blade is noticeably lower on the knife than it is on most tantos such as the SOG versions.
#3. This knife spent a lot of time in the $150 range and has gone as low as $108.

Overall you’re paying for the steel here and Cold Steel has done a lot nicer jobs on cheaper knives.

If this was under $100 I would buy it in a heart beat for the steel quality. I can’t justify more than that when S35VN is still a wonderful steel that can be had for half this price with nicer looking knives.

Just food for thought for anyone on the fence.