Cold Steel Folding Knife



Just got the large version with straight blade from a previous woot. Blade is crazy sharp. Good steel for the blade. I don’t like the feel of the handle, it feels very cheap to me (subjectively). But the lockup is good and it seems like it will be a good workhorse knife.

Blade shape is strange, not sure how I feel about that yet.


It’s a thruster shape.


I’d buy three, but I already have the 4 versions of this blade :slight_smile:


Purchased both sizes in the serrated blade. This knife is so sharp - be careful. Seems like a solid knife for 2 boy scouts.


I’d buy one, but for some reason Woot seems to think you can’t own a folding knife in Western NY without a Federal Firearms Licencse.


Was hoping I could use this to knife the faeries that follow me in the night.

Turns out it was just a brand name. :frowning:


Well this is a first. My Wootalyzer says this item is on pace to sell out in 2 days, 1 hour and 45 minutes. Were this wootoff actually appealing, this would qualify as the woot killer (W00TK1LL3R) of all wootkillers.


Not a good knife. Bought one a few months ago on woot - wish I could return it.


this is the best folding knife ever made. i have 4 of them make that 5 !!!


seems expensive for such a cheapo knife


Are these Assisted Open?


i agree, especially for the handle. This seems like it might be the exact expected price for something like this. I just bought a nice spyderco knife for 73 bucks and it was a steal. Can’t expect a great knife for so cheap.


Nice knife. It’s well made and the materials are good. The Vaquero blade shape limits its utility a bit, though, and it is difficult to sharpen, too. Still, it is a good quality product, all things considered.


Seems like a good price, looks like these go for $50 on amazon. I just really don’t like the Vaquero blade, really limits its utility and is hard to sharpen.


Criminy! How many of these things do they have?

From the looks of it, everyone in the US will getting one of these for Christmas, from somebody.


no im kidding this knife is total garbage


If the quality of this knife is anything like the Tanto II I own, you are absolutely wrong, (I can cut through sheet metal and still shave with it).

In my experience Cold Steel makes some of the best knifes available.

This is a $50-$80 knife.




Unless your knife is made of some ridiculously hard (and therefore impossible to sharpen) material, that’s a lie.

From my experience cold steel knives in general are junk.