Cold Steel Knives

Make sure to do your research before commenting too. From Cold Steel’s site:

“Cold Steel has produced a completely legal version of the butterfly knife that we call The Paradox®. Available in two sizes, it’s designed from the ground up to specifically mimic a traditional Balisong or Butterfly knife in every respect but one it can’t be opened with one hand! That’s right, the Paradox® is not a switchblade, gravity knife, or assisted opener and can’t be opened without the use of both hands. So, while it looks and feels like a classic Butterfly knife, it isn’t. It’s a legal Balisong!”

You can get your state’s laws here

They may not be illegal to own but may have restrictions on how/where you can carry them.
Best to understand your local laws before carrying one but they are not necessarily illegal to own and enjoy at home.

I wonder why anyone would want to buy one of these especially at the price. Just buy a pocket knife. A legal balisong wouldn’t be a balisong anymore.

Definitely pay attention to your local knife laws. The specs here list the blade length as 5.5 inches. Some areas (such as NY state) have a limit on blade length of 4 inches for folding blades. (source: )

That being said, what’s the point of a balisong you can’t even flip? The whole advantage of this style of knife is the one-handed opening and latching mechanism to keep it securely open while working.

It’s illegal to own a butterfly knife here but it’s legal to own a ballistic knife? What the…?

A bit more comprehensive info regarding US Knife Laws:

I own several Cold Steel products and I have personally put these blades to the test. I have yet to have one break, bend or crack. A great investment for personal protection or just collecting. Also, if these blades come straight from Cold Steel they will be sharp as razors so be careful upon opening!!