Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel

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Cold Steel Special Forces Shovel
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Did… the one pic just get rotate to make the second one?

No, silly. . . It’s an eco-friendly animated gif. Scroll quickly between the two pics, and it looks like you’re digging! Virtually no carbon footprint doing it this way.

Go local sports team!

Pffffft, as if w00t would just phone it in like that. Please. They obviously rotated the shovel and relative ambient lighting, then took an second photograph.

4.6 Stars over at Knife Center

It’s to show that you can hold the shovel pointing down OR up. Big feature!

yes, yes it did. good ol’woot advertising.

Sometimes I think Woot is spying on me – I was just checking these out on Amazon last week. They look really handy – a guy on the current season of Alone took this as one of his ten items, and uses it as a shovel, a hatchet, a hammer, and a knife.

I’m getting one to keep in the car as part of my camping kit.

Does it come with any kind of sheath?

Is this the rear handle like the chainsaw?

Would this also be good to keep in the trunk as an emergency snow shovel, to do a quick digout? Or would this be a bit on the small side (aka: shovel envy)?

The shovel or at least the idea (tactical application) is modeled after the Russian special forces unit Spetznas where they received additional training in CQC with it. Otherwise, it was a distributed to pretty much everyone as an entrenching tool.

I would like to see video of these “throwers” in action.

Lots of pics and videos - just go to your nearest google. I first learned about these when I was doing some (pre-Web) research on the Spetznas and came a book about them and had parts on the shovel with photos. There was even a picture of them throwing it in mid-air.

When you need to bury that body in a hurry deep in the woods…

Good to know… Special forces Use shovels Made in Taiwan.

…I’ve heard there is a bear in the Alaska woods that has a nice scare on it’s face, not sure how it got there. :wink:

Well, when you are purchasing “stuff” outside the normal GSA chain stores, they promote buying from smaller, diversity oriented stores. Maybe this is considered “outsourcing” which is now falling out of favor with the current administration.

Now for those who have yet to eat breakfast, here’s a cute video on it’s “many” uses.

WARNING: Some parts maybe be “Gross” to some.

AH…what if I want a HOT STEEL thingy, ya got that? Who wants COLD in the middle of Winter?