Cold Steel Voyager Folding Knife



This “Exclusive serration pattern” is just a joke, that is what makes this knife disposable.


Woot?! A weapon?! Argh! I’m never shopping here again!!! How insensitive.


And are Cold Steel any good? I have no experience with these knives, but they seem to be more fantasy/image than actual cutting tools. I did think about one of their sgian dubh, but I think it would pair better with a utilikilt than the actual real kilts my pipe band wears.


Considering the recent China school stabbing I find this item highly offensive. For shame Woot, for shame…


Once the serration dulls, just put a straight edge on it and get years more service from the good AUS-8 steel. I prefer the Large. Ver impressive looking blade, and perfectly functional. $20 is a decent price. I’d be in for sure at $10 though. Dunno if I really need more of these. :wink:


sports.woot is rapidly becoming weapons.woot. Not that that’s a Bad thing…


It is a tool. Like more and more of the posters around here. :-/


Cold Steel makes excellent quality product, this was a great price for a really good knife but:

Dear user,

Woot here with some bad news: we’re unable to fulfill order (ordernumber) for you and are issuing a refund to your account ASAP. We are sorry we were unable to get you the item that you ordered…

So well within the time frame and available stock this was purchased and it took several days for them to tell me, oops.

Bad woot. Bad, bad woot.


yeah woot has been doing that to me as well lately. i just hate the fact that ive seen the same items come up later on and they dont send me one from the new shipment.


Oh no! Does that mean they’re out of these? I missed them today and I really wanted to get another one. I snagged two large ones a few days ago and they’re awesome, but now I need a medium version too!


I know this was sometime ago, but for whatever it’s worth: I hope they run these again. I’d be in for one or two for sure.


Yes… yes… I’m quoting myself… and it’s old.

But just wanted to point out that the item got listed again, and as promised, I bought 2. :slight_smile: