Cold Steel Voyager Vaquero Folding Knife



I’ve come around to the Cold Steel fandom. These are nice knives at a great price. Buy them now, before Obamastein bans them too! Nice steel. Funky cool curve. Scares the namby pambys to death! :smiley:


great reviews on the medium straight edge over at


I love this knife! Got a medium and large straight-edge, and a large serrated one last time these were featured on woot. The serration on this knife runs along the entire length of the blade (not a combo edge!). Would definitely recommend (get the medium, large is too big for carrying around imo). The large size is about as long as the kershaw tremor, if you remember those from woot a while back.


Take a stab at this video.


Medium, Large closed.
Medium, Large opened.


Woot! has never offered a better knife at this price point - period. I love these knives, I own more than I would care to admit and I purchase a few as gifts each time I see that they pop up for sale . . . You will not find a better value IMHO. I have used the knife to field dress a deer, as an all around camp knife, as a back-up knife in the glove compartment (the serrated blade model actually cut through a steel belted tire piece that had wedged itself under my truck) - these knives are just plain awesome. I have no idea where they keep finding so much stock of this one style, but I eagerly await more Cold Steel knives in other styles and I will be a buyer.

The best application for this style (model) of knife however, is cutting flesh . . . as I have said in a previous post, I used this knife to field dress when I was caught without my kit and needed to pack a nice buck out about a mile and a half. I shaved a lot of time off my record time using this knife . . . I have had the opportunity to field dress another deer recently with this knife and I now have shaved a full 18 minutes off my best time using the Cold Steel Vaquero. I am able to do much more detailed cutting faster and separate much more of the carcass appropriately in the field (cutting down on detail work later) with this ONE knife than I ever thought would be possible.

I actually carry (EDC) a serrated large in my front pocket (I’m a big guy and no one notices) and I LOVE the knife . . . after months of abuse - it is still going strong and sharp as the day I bought it (which is wicked sharp).

Buy three, create another account, buy more - you’ll be glad you did.

Wonderful knives!


Hey, if you haven’t seen lichme’s thread for a complete list of Plus deals (updated weekdays), check it out. Great resource.

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I love knives. I like folding knives–I prefer fixed blade-- and this one looks really good. As in, it all checks out nicely.

Only thing is I only buy folding knives when my folding knife breaks–got one of these two months ago, heavy use, and it’s still in top notch shape. As in, there are no notches.

I’m mad I didn’t wait to buy it here.

But don’t buy one. Trust me, buy two.
And all of you send me your second.
Ya know, as in the buddy system.


Better yet, buy 3.


Which one do you knife enthusiasts recommend? The medium or the large version?


Are these manual, or assisted opening?


I got the large serrated for hiking/camping. It is huge. I should have probably got the medium too. I really like the knife.


I’m an attorney in Buffalo. Was an asst DA for 7 yrs. Defense work about 20 yrs. Now enjoying my grandkids. Some free legal advice to Woot. This knife is legal in New York. It’s only illegal if possessed with the intent to use illegaly. That is the same for a rock, or a pencil.


I’m sad I can only buy three! :frowning: Last time I got a large serrated edge for me and a large straight edge for my husband and we were blown away by the quality. This time I got a medium straight for me and two large serrated; one for the hubby and one for the brother-in-law. I still need the medium serrated and the large straight!


Why oh why can’t they offer the other blade shapes? The vaquero is the only one that I can’t sharpen at home (recurves are tough to sharpen). Woot, get some of the Tanto or Clip-point versions, PLEASE!


Seems like lately everything on sport woot could be used in the most dangerous game of all; but not in a pickup game of basketball or soccer.


I bought two of these last time they were up. Great knife but a little big for every day carry for me. They arrived very sharp and have held an edge well. The locking mechanism on both knives was very stiff, too stiff. I took a pair of pliers and really mashed down on the lock release about 10 times and now they are smooth as butter.


What about these?
Or these?
Or this crap here?


I’ve been a Cold Steel fan for many, many years and definitely can vouch for the quality of their products. (In fact, when I have purchased factory seconds from them, they are higher quality than many other companies “firsts”)

I prefer a tanto style blade for my typical usage, but I am tempted to grab a couple of these as gifts. Good stuff!