Cold Steel Voyager Vaquero Folding Knife

Got one on Sport woot the other day, the Large Serrated. I like it. At this price, it’s a good value.

You will notice that none of the restricted Zip Codes are in Texas!!! WOOT!!!


I got a Large one back in October, and I really like it. The locking mechanism is very solid, the blade is attractive and useful. So I ordered a Medium today.

I haven’t been on Woot in a long time…well, ever since they updated to this horrible BETA website.
Do they even have the random krap anymore?

Wish the plain edge large was available. I have a medium and like it and wouldn’t mind picking up a large but I’m not a fan of the serration.

Eleven syllables to id a 3 inch knife. That’s quite a verbage-to-edge ratio there.

Eh I got one of these, but I’m not too impressed. The shape of the blade is a little weird and I kinda wish it had a thinner profile.

That’s just me nitpicking though. As far as the blade quality, it’s Cold Steel. Nuff said.

Why can’t I get one shipped to Long Island? I can walk to 3 stores that sell knives very similar to that.

shipping laws vs going to shop and getting one yourself laws are too many to deal with.

red tape