Cold Steel Voyager Vaquero Folding Knife

Wonderful Knife and a super price. I have a few and have high regard for their quality and easy use. Great for gifts and will become a sidekick for any knifeperson you give it to.

maybe if it was warm steel…
guess i’ll have to pass

… Does this woot-off have a theme? :slight_smile:

This is a well made folding knife that has a blade made from good quality steel. The blade shape limits it’s utility somewhat, but it is a fine knife and a great price, nonetheless.

Previous Sale ($17.99)

spring Zombie Apocalypse cleaning sale

I think these were $20 when I woofed mine, but I got the large straight edge, the best option IMHO, although, as I’ve mentioned before, the serrations could be ground off once they go dull. Good steel.

This’ll be the first knife I’ve bought since I bought a butterfly knife at a mall kiosk in 2002 for the same price. Assuming this will be of much higher quality.

I had wanted to get the large serrated (since I already have a good smaller straight) but by the time I had confirmed my choice by reading the comments from the last time this was offered the large appears to be sold out. So I went with the medium serrated - bad choice?

Why is this unable to be shipped to NY? I know it sucks here with SAFE and all, but theres nothing about this knife that is illegal!

Can I take this on an airplane?

A friend had his plastic light saber confiscated last month because it was a “replica” of a weapon. Seriously.

Looked into it. Apparently AMAZON is afraid to ship anything sharp to anywhere in NY because of stupid New York City. Woot! died the day it was sold out to amazon. :frowning:

To everyone that is thinking about this knife, do it! I went with a large last time this was up and am glad I did. I use it as an Everyday carry knife for defense more than anything. It’s not as practical for certain things based off the curved blade but honestly for the money cant beat it even if you use it sparingly.