Coleman 36 Quart Cooler with Built-in Radio

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R.I.P. Gary.

Wonder what the sound quality you would get out of those 1/2 watt speakers?

Are the speakers “weather-proof” too?

That is one nice cooler and a good size too! We have a very similar one (but very old) sans radio!

What I would really wish it had - instead of the radio: a pair of wheels to move it from the car to the picnic location (unless you prefer to picnic right on the parking lot)!

These things get heavy once you load it with your favorite food/beverage + a few bags of ice!

Seems like a goofy idea. The radio’s bound to get broken (I’m hard on stuff), and then I’m stuck with an embarrassing-looking cooler with a busted radio stuck to the front of it like a giant black barnacle. All my lesbo pals at the softball tournament are gonna be laughin’ at me.

meh…my next cooler must have wheels–beer cans weigh the puppy down.

From CrunchGear:

“Overall, the sound is fairly shrill with virtually no bass, but at least it’s fairly loud. The sound starts to distort once you crank the volume past three-quarters of the way. Reception is decent on AM, FM, and WeatherBand, though the analog frequency dial makes it tough to tune in with much precision.”

water + electricity = bad idea?

Thanks for letting us know good citizen.

Some baser are baser than others.

I’d be interested only if this thing had wheels.

edit: yeah so what, I don’t mind being called Mr. Rolling Cooler Cooler Roller

I don’t a an mp3 input jack…thats to bad. I would buy if it had one.

It does have a mp3 input jack, well it’s a 3.5 mm input jack so you could plugin in anything that outputs audio as long as you have the proper cable with a 3.5mm on one end.

“3.5mm Headphone and MP3 jacks with weather-proof rubber covers”

It seems like a perfect companion the next time I go golfing. Waiting on for that slow scumbag on the green. Pop open the lid, grab a cold one, crank up the the AM rock, and dance like Rodney Dangerfield.

The Caddies aren’t gonna like carrying that cooler… Should buy that soap and lotion set as a gift for lugging it all 27 holes.


This is a pretty great little cooler, the sound is impressive for the size of the speakers and the batteries last quite a while. The weatherband function on the radio is handy also. It only holds ice for about a day in hot weather but it is still nice for outings. This is the same price the Coleman Outlets sell them for.

I can find nothing on the web to answer your question, but since they are exposed to the air, it would obviously be unwise to leave this out in a rainstorm, unless you fashion some sort of waterproof cover yourself.