Coleman 36 Quart Cooler with Built-in Radio

Aux input for the win!

Designed by Rodney Dangerfield

Product Website

On Amazon, used, for more than the cost of this Woot

On Walmart, with 7 user reviews: overall 4/5 star

What happens when you take this cooler and add an engine and 4 wheels

Yo this is DOPE, i can kool some 40’s, while playing my MIX tracts?

only if it had wheels. Sigh!

46 cans in it? Pics or it can’t happen.

Also, aren’t we about due for a shirt.woot detour?

The ultimate redneck party maker!

quite possibly my favorite woot of all time. Awesome for softball leagues or, in my case, kickball. I have gotten so many compliments on it.

sweet! I was just going to ask about that. I can’t leave my musical satisfaction to radio deejays…

i swear woot, if you offered this before the race in NH last weekend…
…i would have probably still considered.

anyone want to disprove:

can’t imagine the speakers being great
can’t imagine how waterproof this is

Because tipping it over takes too long.

What, NO WHEELS? You expect me to carry this?


These were on here about 3 months ago for $39.99, so its got to be a steal now for $29.99… :slight_smile:

Finally something worthy of plugging my 8GB Sansa into! Thanks woot!

Is it mac compatible…

it fits a 30 pack of IC Light and a bag of ice easily. It will def fit 46 cans but not sure about ice with them

If this had 8-track I’d be in for three.

Definately needs wheels…