Coleman 36 Quart Cooler with Built-in Radio

Finally, a way to keep my radio cold.

If only it played my iPad… That would be a sweet cooler.

Or, if the iPad had an app that cooled your cola…That would be sweeter.


Ooooh. 1/2 watt speakers. Watch out!

I build cooler stereos that run on car batteries & 200+ watt amps. Yes, they keep stuff cold too… they just cost 10x more :confused:
Perfect for tailgates/beach stuff tho.

Anyone have an idea as to how much this beast weighs?

NO it won’t work with your ipod!

1/2 watt speakers? Deal breaker for me

How would this fair on a tubing trip?

Pass…I’m waiting for a shoe buffer with a built-in electric can opener.

In for 1 bc it’s awesome

Built in radio, Blah! Mine holds 320 beers and has all terrain tires!!!

if it had wheels, i would be in for 3. love getting drunk with my cooler at the beach. its possibly the only person that understands me

This will go great with my combination bathtub/hair dryer.

Previous Woot

Review at CrunchGear

We want photos or at least a link!

Now I can play music even the kids will think is cool

The Coleman website makes it look like you have to pick wheels or music. Boo.

Too Cool! Needs a AUX adaptor tho!


This is selling faster than I expected.

Which by stating will naturally cause all sales to stop.