Coleman 36 Quart Cooler with Built-in Radio

$95.99 on their online store. $30+ ship is a purdy gud deal!

Dunno, just seems to me that while it may excel as a cooler, those speakers and the minimal amount of power behind them are tantamount to turning your iPod (or MP3 player of choice) up to MAX while having your headphones plugged in.

But I suppose the cooler might hold enough alcohol that you’d eventually stop caring.

Sure - Macs, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Northern Spy, Gala…

Four C cells?
Is this a 40 year old radio?
Or are they making it out to be a mini boom-box?

Perfect for short-bus commuters.

Fuji too?

Can i mod it and put some ‘Spinner Rims’ on this BITCH?

I purchased one of these. The connection between the speakers and mp3 player is a little staticy. I bought a nice auxillary cable too. This is $10 cheaper than it was on sellout.woot. Pretty good deal for just a cooler.

Went ahead and got one. If the Panthers are going to have a losing season, might as well enjoy the tailgate parties.

What do you plan on doing, entering your cooler into an IASCA competition? :wink:

perfect for multitasking alcholics

I am in for 1. It would be nicer with wheels.

If it had wheels, it would be mine.

enuf already! next cooler better be the “cruizin cooler”

I can’t believe Coleman would manufacture this without wheels or a handle to pull it and then throw on a radio???


The radio plays only upbeat hits by Journey, J.Geils Band and Loverboy

don’t need wheels if you have friends…

Used it to float down the river and the speakers were loud enough to hear 50+ feet down the river.

just got back from lunch. tacos. fabulous!
Sorry I missed the lap top. They usually
have lots throughout the wootoff don’t they?