Coleman 3PC Hardside Luggage Sets

Good Reviews at Overstock

[MOD: Might be a different set?]

Which one is better Durango or adventure?

How much does it weigh?

Bought this on an earlier woot.

Two of the three have a ripped fabric divider.

Yes, there’s a warrantee - a third party company where you’ll have to ship it BOTH WAYS.


Other than that, it’s been decent, but the wheels aren’t heavy duty polyurethane.

For the price? Great. But I’ve had them less than a year and I’m thinking of replacing them.

Probably good for the occasional traveler.

That doesn’t look like either of the ones here. Also, only two of the three at overstock are spinners. Don’t think it’s comparable

Does anyone know if they “nest” for storage? I do not have room to store 3 separate pieces.

Yes they do. Mine came shipped that way.

Any decent way to secure these with a padlock?

In complete agreement here. The fabric liner is already trashed on mine after one trip. No problems with the wheels yet, but I expected something a bit more durable.

The zippers can handle the “TSA approved” padlocks…

Need a way to put real locks on, TSA ones aren’t allowed.

In order to maintain air-speed velocity, an African swallow needs to beat its wings forty-three times every second, but I still don’t think a 5 ounce bird could carry a Coleman 3 PC Hardside luggage set. It’s just a matter of weight ratios.

I had the same issue. Fabric divider ripped the first time I used each one.

how do you know so much about swallows???

They’re zipper-closed, so no. I use bread ties on mine when traveling in US. If/when I travel outside the US, I’m going to get some Pelican cases.


Just got the info.

20" 8.4 lbs
24" 9.9 lbs
28" 11.2 lbs

20" 6.9 lbs
24" 7.9 lbs
28" 9.6 lbs

ABS isn’t as great for impact resistance compared to Polycarbonate. The Abs-polycarb alloy might be ok, but I wouldn’t risk it for multiple flights. Road trips should be ok.

Yes, I had the same experience. Internal fabric ripped the first time I used it. And the wheels aren’t quite up to par and don’t spin as easily as others I’ve tested in the same price category. I regret this purchase. Can not recommend.

I also bought one of these sets last time around. I used the large suitcase for the first time in March for an international trip. The plastic case was cracked in 2 places by the time I arrived at my destination. Coming from super-cheap fabric-sided luggage, I also bought these expecting them to be more durable. Don’t think I would recommend them.