Coleman 3PC Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

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Coleman 3PC Hardside Spinner Luggage Set
Price: $139.99
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Condition: New


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We got this set the last time it was offered. So far, it’s holding up very well. The smallest bag is technically a half-inch too long on one of the dimensions to be carry-on, but it fits fine in the overhead compartment.

The only problem we’ve had is that the liner isn’t very durable. It’s already torn in two of the bags but hasn’t had any material effect on what we’re putting in there.

4.6 Stars at Overstock

[MOD: Looks like a different set]

Hmm… I need new luggage, but I am skeptical of how “light” every review keeps saying this is. I recently bought and returned a set of “light” hardcase luggage to Amazon that did not survive its first trip well. E.g. one way, a corner was completely crushed to pieces and damaged items in the suitcase. No other luggage on the flight had damage. Just my new suitcases.

It looks like the only Kohl’s review for this Coleman luggage had a similar experience.

Can you store these luggage bags inside one another? I don’t have space for 3 bags that are out on their own, but if they could be store inside one another, than that would be perfect!

Yes, they nest quite nicely.

The wife could never fit the clothes she takes for a trip in only 3 suitcases.

What is the weight of each bag?

Are these expandable?

They expand slightly with the standard expansion zipper. I’ve taken this set everywhere I’ve traveled in the last year, Colorado, DC, Connecticut, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Miami and they’re holding up very strong. The hard sided quality makes them durable and resistant to your standard baggage handling tosses and drops. As others have mentioned, the internal liner isn’t very durable, has ripped in two of my suitcases as well, but is a great divider for dirty and clean clothes when it stays intact.

The one point I’ll note is I tried to get support to send me new ones or even a new liner once mine ripped and just getting them on the phone is an exercise in futility. Coleman doesn’t support these, it’s a third party company that covers luggage and other travel items. YMMV if you choose to go down that route.

Are these zippers any better than soft sided zippers that can be split open with any pen?

Cool luggage, but I don’t think we’d be able to fit all our junk in these for trips. Need the soft sides for that extra… expansion.

OK, unrelated, but does anyone remember when Woot! used to be “One Deal, One Day”? Well, they also had the Shirt.woot too, but at most it was one woot, one shirt. When the Woot sold out, they were done for the day.

I just counted 2,054 (TWO-THOUSAND, FIFTY-FOUR) items for sale today on Woot. Yes, I counted all the items… (curiousity, OCD, I’m not sure why). Now, some items were sold out, but even if 10% were sold out, there’s over 1800 items today.

We used to check in once a day, and buy something here and there (probably averaged an item every week or two). Now, we hardly ever check in. Too many things and rarely a good deal anymore. Now, we might average one purchase every few months.

Wow, things sure have changed!

Nope. Nobody around here does. Never thought about it. :tongue:

I’d like to know the weight of each piece.

how much does the set weight for shipping?

Anyone know if the wheels turn sideways?

Like scubalab I used to pop in once per day, see what was up and buy or move on, and now I no longer do this. The comments are very much how I feel about woot now.

On topic, why would I buy a three piece luggage set if one of the pieces does not even conform to carry on guidelines? The guidelines are not some magical mystery and missing by half an inch is a pretty poor design.

Oh well, see you some other time when I’m bored woot.

Just got the info…

20" 8.4 lbs
24" 9.9 lbs
28" 11.2 lbs

They’re spinners so they turn every which way.