Coleman 5-Watt Solar Powered Trickle Charger

solar cells lose 50% of their power if only one of the typical 36 cells are shaded. I’m in for none!

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New Coleman 5-Watt Solar Powered Trickle Charger, for $14.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Coleman 50005 5-Watt Solar Powered Trickle Charger

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How many to power up the hdtv.?!

I don’t think we’re going to find any reviews on this one. But it seems fun.

my brother lives on a boat in Alaska; would you wire these in series or parallel for 15W of charging power for the batteries? Is there even enough SUNLIGHT up there for this to be useful?

Put one on your Roomba and make a coast to coast economy run.

will this power my ionized magnetic hoverboard? I could wear this on my head instead of the battery in my backpack…

$57 plus shipping at Amazon. No reviews, though.

I bought one of these last year to keep my boat charged…it NEVER worked. I live in a sunny part of CA. This thing is useless. I wound up buying an AC trickle charger and it works great. Don’t waste your money.

“And it guards against the kind of juice drain you get during long storage periods or super-bad weather”
…Solar energy for bad weather?

So if I take this tailgating, listen to my radio on my car stereo speakers, drain the battery… will this recharge my battery while I am in the game?

Parallel (unless the battery is 36 volts, in which case it will be just 5 watts at 36 volts), and no, except maybe for those 8 weeks of Summer…

Barely even enough W for a Logitech Harmony remote!

Yeah, but those nipple clamps look painful!

Three in parallel would be 15W @ 15V or series 5W @ 45V

This is cheap. The usual price of a solar panel is roughly $5 per watt, so a 5-watt solar panel is supposed to cost about $25.
As this is a finished product, it’s supposed to cost even more (for the packaging, clips, …)

I bought one of these 2 years ago for 80 bucks. I was waaaay too lazy to install it. It’s been sitting in my very dark closet ever since…

Maybe the self-discharge rate of your battery was higher than 5W (or the actual power that this charger was delivering into your batteries, which should be lower than 5W), or that something was pumping up more than a few watts on your battery.

Also, the efficiency of any solar panel decreases with its temperature. It sounds paradoxal but maybe it was actually too sunny where you lived to produce enough charge current (the solution in this case is to somehow cool the cell, for example by mounting them physically in contact with some large metal part that will act as a heat sink).

There is no reason that this solar panel will not work. It’s just a solar panel.

Possible, but the boat had nothing on to drain the battery…it is still possible. Another possibility is that this thing is a piece of carp llo.