Coleman Battery Guard LED Flashlight

Coleman Battery Guard LED Flashlight

I Presume this is

  1. really new and not renewed/refurb
  2. really the 525m which takes 4 D batteries and not title/specs 3aa
    a: Coleman 525M Battery Guard LED Flashlight (3 AA Batteries required/ included)
    b: Coleman Battery Guard LED Flashlight (3 AA Batteries required/ included)

edit: and yes I know the photo and model listed are for 525m in case someone decides to point out

It’s this one on Amazon which also says 3 x AA batteries.

I don’t know what that means
250m 300m and 325m are the 3aa lights

The photo in this listing is for the 525m which is 4 D batteries as is the Model 2000033150 for the 4D 525m

Sorry, forgot the link. :\

Coleman doesn’t have battery information. That Amazon page says 3 x AA as we stated. If you can provide me a link that shows where it’s D batteries, we’ll happily update. For now, we’ve removed the battery info.

Good point @TheRiverz! Thanks! @ThunderThighs, am I responsible for return shipping charges if this turns out to be a version other than the 525m? Thanks!

@ThunderThighs, the Coleman website doesn’t list battery information, but here are the specs for the 525m at REI, indicating 4D batteries:

Of course not. Just reach out to Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

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Thanks @ThunderThighs. The “3 x AA batteries” reference is still part of the title… that has me a little concerned that this listing is actually for one of the weaker flashlights, even though it clearly states 525m and the correct model number for the 525m.

Also, I didn’t see confirmation that this is new, and not refurbished, as questioned by @TheRiverz. (Frankly, that never even occurred to me - I thought that type of information had to be disclosed up front!)
Please advise… Thanks again. :slight_smile:

It’s new as stated. :w_happy2:

I mentioned this because the only listing on amazon I had found mentioning 3aa batteries for the 525m was a remanufacture. RE: “it’s this one on Amazon which also says 3 x AA batteries.”
nowhere does the new 525m say 3 x aa batteries - it shows the other lights available that have 3 x aa batteries.

Coleman Battery Guard LED Flashlight (Renewed)

which states

Item Weight 862 g
Product Dimensions 50.5 x 7.7 x 14.8 cm
Batteries: 3 AA batteries required. (included)
Manufacturer reference 2000033150-cr
Color Multi
Size 525M
Style 525 M
Material Blend
Number of Items 1
Power Source Battery
Batteries Included? Yes
Brand Name The Coleman Company
Also I have purchased many, many, many items “new” from woot that were obviously not - used, and some refurb/remanufactured (as stated on the labels on the boxes under other lables)


As to condition, the product should come as represented. If it’s not, make sure you contact woot customer service. We need to know when there’s an issue. :slight_smile: