Coleman Camping is Classy and Cool



So, any thoughts on that coffee maker?


Is the Coleman 6 person Sundome a 3 or 4 season tent?


on the coleman site the photo of this exactly named tent is different, which one is it?


I am referring to the Coleman® Montana™ 8-Person Tent with Hinged Door


Checking into this, thanks for mentioning it!


It’s a 3 season tent.




So we looked into this for you, and rest assured, if you’re looking to get this tent, you will receive model 2000001594, which is what is shown on the Coleman site. :slight_smile: Happy camping!


4 in 1 table but only 1 photo? What are the other 3?


Duel burner? Do the burners fight it out?


No, that is for 2 PEOPLE fighting. Dual is cirrect for 2 burners fighting. Duel would be OK for 2 burners burning.

Confused? Hope so. I was funning.






Well check this out - a bunch of shots here to help out. :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you have further questions!


BassPro has some photos that show additional configurations.


I own the 4 in 1 table set and they work well. They are pretty narrow when used separately, and keep in mind when used together there is the gap in the middle. I haven’t put them through anything too rough, mostly just as a prep station and as a buffet table at the camp site. For those uses, as I said, it worked well.

I was looking into purchasing the coffee maker posted here, but went with their stove top coffee maker since the price was about half. The reviews I did read were mostly all positive for the one here on woot, though. I just used the stove top one this past weekend and loved it, so that’s a great, cheaper alternative if you’re like me and need drip coffee while camping.


I purchased my Coleman 8-person instant tent 12 months ago. If you are considering on purchasing Coleman 8-Person Instant Tent. There are couple things you’ll need to be aware.

  1. Coleman 8 person Instant Tent comes in two different size. 8’x8’ and 8’x10
  2. You will need to purchase a Rainfly. Unfortunately, Coleman is no longer making rainfly for Coleman 8 people instant tent size 8’x10’. I spend over 6month searching and looking for the rainfly to fit the 8’x10’. Amazon used to have rainfly for the 8’x8’.


I am a little confused about the rain fly. They advertise that you don’t need the fly to stay dry…it is only so you can leave the top windows vented to reduce humidity/condensation. I guess what I’m asking is if you don’t have the fly will it still keep rain out? Thanks!


I’ve been reading the reviews of these tents on Amazon for a long while (and thanks Woot for carrying them!!!). Reports vary greatly, what a surprise. Some people swear no fly is needed, the tent stays nice and dry even in heavy weather, others complain of drippage in mild rain. I had planned to add a fly, personally.


Grabbed the 2 burner white fuel stove. Question, you state its 1 year coleman warranty but coleman’s website states it is 5 years. Do I only get one year because I bought it from woot?


Amazon currently sells two Coleman instant tents that they designate as “8-person”. The tent shown here is the smaller of the two, at 14x8, and from what I can see on Amazon, they do sell a fly for it.

Amazon also shows a larger one, 14x10, but they don’t seem to have a fly for that one at this point – it just says “coming soon”. There’s a chart on the page for the rainfly that shows this info.