Coleman Camping Tent Instant Setup 4 Person

Coleman Camping Tent Instant Setup 4 Person

I’m a camper. I worked for the Park Service for years and regularly worked for weeks straight in the field. Although this tent is not for these kinds of applications, I appreciate good equipment and I love this tent.

Dare I say the near-perfect car camping tent? These take literally 20 seconds to set up and 30 seconds to take down. Although the tent does not pack small, that is what makes it so fast to set up. It’s well built and durable (with one caveat to be mentioned below).

The one thing that WILL destroy this tent is wind. It comes with guy lines, but it has such a tall profile and thinner poles that wind has a big impact. Use the guy lines. Don’t use it in high wind. Don’t set up near brush or branches that could tear the tent in a wind gust.

I’ve had two of these tents. One lasted for 2 seasons, before the wind. The second one I’ve had for at least 4 years. I would definitely recommend, especially for this price.

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