Coleman Fish Pen – Retractable Fishing Pole

Awesome, not really.

THis is always up


wow i kidna really want one…


this was in the last woot off that i remember

Does it work with Mac?

Everyone needs a fishing pen or three!

This rides the short bus.

This is actually a cool little fishing pole.
I got two last woot off.


Great Item…bought three at the end of the last Woot-off.
Buy as many as you can :slight_smile:

Yah, I hit refresh about thirty times… it really IS a fishing pen. Thought someone was playing a woot-joke.

Oh well.

I think there looking into fishing for our money out of our accounts!

Does the pin actually write or can you only catch fish with it?

Second item to sell out while I’m trying to buy. :-/

Oooo Fish Pen :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn you all to hell- I wanted one or two!

“But when it’s folded up, you’ve got a rod and reel with hooks, line and weights in a case that’s slightly smaller than Mists Of Avalon. And newly-realized lesbians tote that thing around all the time, right?”

Only newly-realized lesbians? Woot clearly doesn’t understand us, or doesn’t want to offend us. I’m not sure which. Maybe once you’re not newly-realized you get a copy of “The Forest House”, too. It comes with the u-haul.