Coleman LED Axis Headlamp Bundle

Wow! This is my first time to left a message. Both items are very nice and I hope I will buy one or two.

2012 is right around the corner. Stock up on emergency preparations now before the rush.

This is so tempting…

I bought some Energizer headlamps last April from . These things work great when I need to use them… like today when installing a new garbage disposal under the sink. Most of the time, my headlamp lives in my car for an emergency.

While I can’t speak for these headlamps, I do encourage having a headlamp for projects. And, besides, you need a spare flashlight in case of emergency or power outage.

I would buy this, except for the risk of getting that hideous yellow/green color! Ewwwww

The headlamp and lantern is sold at Coleman for $22.99

Coleman Website

Darn, why must woot tempt me with flashlights/headlamps?! I just received the 2 Tactical flashlights and ordered 3 zebralight headlamps!

24 lumen tho, that’s pretty weak. Probably good for around the house.

Temptation resisted, I win!

ha! nasa would rather you invest the money in their new interstellar cruiser instead…

If you do any kind of auto repair, do yourself a huge favor and buy one (or two) of these. The headlamp itself is well worth it. I bought a set of 4 of the flashlights at Wally World, so I’m good there, but a friend has one of these headlamps and it saves SO much pain when doing under-car work, or any kind of auto work where both hands are occupied. Also good for computer repair work.

You get light exactly where you need it: in your line of sight.

Thanks for the quality post! Am I a “his” ?

Probably pretty good if you’re flashlight deficient and trying to stock an emergency kit. 24 Lumens is pretty bright IF the power is out and there aren’t any other light sources so your eyes adapt. (My most used light is 8-10 lumens. But sometimes I want more, a lot more, and I have those too.) The lantern shape is very useful for area light and headlights are always useful for leaving your hands free.

However three AAA flashlights are generally the least favored circuits because it is the configuration used in many cheap lights. The problem is AAA’s don’t have a lot of capacity and the cheap lights aren’t regulated so the lights gradually dim as the batteries are used. Paying more for a regulated light, that will take rechargeables, would be worth it for most people using the light regularly.

My dad and I have both owned this model Coleman lantern for close to 4 years now. Both are working fine, even mine after several falls. Battery life is great and the thing is handy in the bedroom or in the vehicle.

I’d buy a set but with my luck I’d get another yellow one.

That’s the color I’m hoping for! (Seriously.)

Heh, we pretty much always use he/his. Sorry.

Most headlamps made for backpacking use 3 AAA batteries, and they can put out lots of power for long periods of time. For instance, the Black Diamond Spot headlamp uses 3 AAA batteries and has a max of 75 lumens, which will shine for 50hrs. On low the batteries will last for 200 hours. I’ve rarely changed the batteries in my Petzl headlamp, and it also takes 3 AAA batteries. They don’t even have to take NiMH to last a long time.

Uh, only if you’re in marketing.

Backpacking headlamps use AAA for weight and a simple circuit because there is less to fail. I don’t doubt you can get some light for 50 hours, or even 200 hours, and I don’t know the specific circuit Black Diamond uses, but in rough figures:

1000mAh per AAA * 4.5V (generously) = 4.5Wh in the batteries.
4.5Wh/50h = 0.09W (generously) from the batteries for the 50 hours.
(a great LED has) 130Lumen/Watt * 0.09W = 11.7Lumens from the light.

Since the battery voltage will sag over time and LED efficiency that high is for top bins and only at specific currents, that is best case. If 12 Lumens can’t be done w/three AAAs, you aren’t getting 75. (And I bet your Black Diamond cost more & is higher quality than these. Coleman generally provides great value, but these aren’t their top-of-the-line.)

As I said, if it is dark and your eyes adapt, you don’t need many lumens. The backpacking light marketing people seem to rely on that.

I just spent six hours under the house a couple of days ago holding a flashlight in my teeth. I’m ordering the lantern/headlamp combo, and putting the rest of the job off until they get here…I have plenty of flashlights, but I don’t have anything I can aim where I’m looking without risking my pearly whites. And something I can hang from a nail for area lighting sounds like a mighty good idea.

What is not immediately obvious about the lantern is that there is a cover for one of the three sides which slides up and down. You can leave it down for light all around, or slide it up. This is useful when you want the lantern in front of you but do not want the light shining back in your face.

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I’ve got the lantern and I like it a lot.

Any possibility it comes with a red lens? (Needed for Army stuff)

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