Coleman NCAA Canopies

Anyone know if you can add an enclosure to this?

Spent a few minutes googling. Not easy to find accessories. :frowning:

Just make sure they’ll fit a slant leg canopy.

Caution: the Ohio State 9’ x 9’ straight-leg canopy does not appear to be either of the stated brands, Coleman or Rawlings. I had high hopes for it, but the one they sent me appears to be generic, as there is no branding whatsoever. It is decent for a $50 canopy but nothing special. About on par with Academy Sports or Dick’s house brands, or not quite as good as a low-end EZ-Up, like their Sierra II. I was disappointed that it was not as expected but opted not to return it due to the bulk and hassle involved.

Got an Illinois one, and was surprised to see it came with a side wall too. Got lucky this time, I guess.