Coleman NCAA Canopy Sets

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Coleman NCAA Canopy Sets
Price: $89.99 - 94.99
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[MOD EDIT] Slightly different model.

OK, the straight-leg one has a 81 SF shade. 9X9 is 81 square feet.

HOW LARGE is the SHADE on the 10 by 10 foot canopy? 7X7? 8X8? 9X9? or even 6X6?

I want one of these for a shade to work on cars, and the school is NOT important, but the SIZE is.

But Amazon kindly LEFT that out!

Snapster, would you PLEASE come back?


I want one!!! but why is there only a canopy 9x9 for Alabama??? I want the combo. Alabama is the best college team in the Nation and why can is it left off the combo list, uh?

There isn’t one for UNC.


Got it here

What I have learned with these canopies (we have a 10x10)…camping and tailgating…

they are great when you have partial tree shade and can set up the canopy next to that shade to have a lot of shade, but if you have no tree shade and you’re just in a parking lot tailgating, it’s only good if the sun is above you.

otherwise you are just shading your tailgating neighbors.

Why do you guys not have the 2nd biggest school in the nation, the nations 5th best defense in NCAAF last year? Youngest team to ever win a BCS bowl game (as the largest spread of that year)?!

Throw UCF Knights up here, and you will get more sales, bottom line

Why are you selling these $70 higher than everywhere else online?

Where are the Louisville Cardinals?

I see Georgia pictured, but not in the dropdown to buy???

Woot, wth?

Where are you seeing that?

Edit: I am told you may be looking at a sale like this one on Amazon which is actually ONLY the wall and not the full canopy (like in this sale here).

Apparently I’m told that was the Fresno State Bulldogs, but we had receiving issues so we’ve removed it from the photos.

For everyone else sad we don’t have ____ team sorry we don’t have every team ever, we are very cruel in that way.

What am I missing? Picture shows the ones with canopy don’t have any team artwork on the actual tent (just a grey tent). Ones without canopy have art on tent top. What then is a ‘combo’ and what does it have? Guessing it is the one with no art on tent and just on canopy?

The combo on the 10x10 refers to the canopy and the wall backdrop. The 9x9 is the canopy only.

I’m trying to figure out why on the ones that come with the shade, there is no logo on the canopy. Can someone please tell me if this is just a picture issue, or if in fact you only get a logo on the side panel and not the top? Kentucky is the main one I’m referencing.

So, for just $5 more you get a larger tent and an additional shade wall, BUT only if that option is available for your school of choice. Since it is not available for the school I want, I would feel like I was getting ripped off buying the smaller canopy with no shade for just $5 less. Weren’t the 9X9s just $79 last time?

Looking forward to them bama boys coming back to GA this year to play

The grey canopies are placeholder type things, if you’re getting a wall (combo) today, you’ll get your teams logo’d canopy PLUS the wall. So you’d end up getting a logo-packed combo like in our main image here with Tennessee (I apologize a million times over if that is not a Tennessee school):