Coleman NCAA Canopy Sets


Multiple Rose Bowl appearances in last decade. Runner up in NCAA basket ball finals this year.

^^ This.

This response is not correct. If you look at the pictures of the 10x10, the one that shows the wall is just to show the wall. There is another picture above it that shows what the actual canopy for the 10x10 looks like. All canopies have team logos on them.

Might have considered buying one but one problem: NO WISCONSIN BADGERS!! Total and epic FAIL!!!

Man, Woot is awesome!

Because Wisconsin doesn’t have sunlight.

The players were supposed to make them in class.

Here’s something you haven’t figured out yet: Woot! sells refurbs, overstocks, and things that just didn’t sell. If something is selling well at the regular price, Woot! won’t have it.

If your team isn’t here, that probably means people paid full price for all they made.

My 10x10 combo came today without the wall. Anyone else have this problem?

Oh man, I’m really sorry about that- please make sure to email into our CS peeps, they should be able to figure out what’s up. You can use the support tab towards the top of the page to reach them.

I sent a message in, but have yet to hear anything back.

It IS possible that the weekend is causing the delay, but I’ll make sure to check in with our CS team to get them to look into your case.

Unfortunately, they aren’t able to send me the correct item. Offering a refund. I’m very disappointed.

My 10x10 came without the wall too. Seems like they just advertised that to get us to buy, and that was the only reason I bought one. If I don’t receive the wall, I will not purchase anything from Woot! again, and I’ve made a lot of purchases here.

Sorry for the trouble with your order. If you haven’t already, please send with your order details and issue. CS can check into your available options.

Unfortunately same for me. Received 10x10 but no sidewall.

Same problem here. Ordered the 10x10 + sidewall combo… Only the canopy delivered. Will be contacting support…

Note to others in this predicament - if Woot somehow cannot ship us the sidewalls as promised; there are Coleman sidewalls available on Amazon for $25-35 depending on team.

I ordered the Utah Utes10 X 10 slant leg with side wall and the side wall was not delivered with the canopy. Hopefully Woot will stand by their products and provide it to me. The side wall was the deciding factor in the purchase. I was so excited when I saw the package on my steps today. Now I am utterly disappointed! Come on Woot. Make it right!

I also ordered the Utah Utes 10 X 10 with side wall. After reading the comments here I opened the box and NO side wall delivered with the canopy. Biggest reason for purchase was the included side wall. Don’t let us down Woot!

No sidewall for my awesome Texas A&M 10x10 canopy here. Looks like Woot has a bit of a problem here…and I’m sure they will come up with a good solution! Meanwhile I will file my concern with customer service.