Coleman Pet Cooling Mats

Coleman Pet Cooling Mats

Do they have human cooling mats?

Anyone else notice that the “Medium” size is 720 square inches, and “Large” size has an area of…720 square inches? Not sure how they justify an additional $4 for the large size.

Woot, can you please confirm the sizes on these mats? They do not match the sizes listed on the mothership.

Can someone smarter than me explain the physics behind a gel that simple stays 5-10 degrees cooler?

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I’m seeing that they match?

Medium 24 x 30

Large 20 x 36

They are the opposite in the woot specs:

  • Medium: 20 x 36
  • Large: 24" x 30"

Ooooooooooooooooooooh. Lemme check.

Update: That’s the way the vendor listed them on the PO. Order by the measurements that you want.

I noticed same discrepancy re. size. Will order by measurements and hope that a “medium” is 20x36 when delivered…

As you suspected, it cannot. That would defy the laws of physics. It can conduct heat faster meaning that on a wooden floor in a hot room, the dog (temp of 101F) might prefer to lay on it to dissipate heat quickly. Then again, he might just find a tile floor that does the same thing. Both are heat sinks.

Left alone in a room, they will quickly become the same temperature as their surroundings.

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24 x 30 = 720
20 x 36 = 720

Pick your shape.

Conducts heat more efficiently, like an aluminum pan or wind chill. A tile floor may be cooler to begin with, but in a few minutes, the tile will warm up. As the gel close to the dog gets warm, heat dissipates to areas away from dog. IMHO, saying it is cooler than ambient is an advertising descriptor, not scientifically accurate…

When we first got these, my wife definitely enjoyed stealing them to lay on, on hot days. The effect is a bit short lived sadly.

Oops! Not going to fit my 20 kg Basset Retriever.


That smile.


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What a beautiful doggie!!

These use a gel which has an engineered phase-change characteristic: if you cause it to “melt”, it will absorb heat from whatever is touching it, MUCH more heat than the normal “bring it to equal temperature”. If you put it in the freezer, the amount of heat it will absorb is increased. If you then put it inside your pillow, for example, it will cool your hot head for four-five hours - and if you folded it in half arround your pillow, you can get a full night’s sleep with one pillow-flip during the night. I love these things!

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