Coleman Solar Powered Trickle Charger



What does this do?



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Coleman Solar Powered Trickle Charger
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Coleman 50002 1-Watt Solar Powered Trickle Charger for 12v Car Battery


keeps your car battery’s charge it seems. slowly.


recharges your car battery. Personally, I use one (not this brand though), and it works magnificently.


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New Coleman Solar Powered Trickle Charger, for $9.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Coleman 50002 1-Watt Solar Powered Trickle Charger for 12v Car Battery

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This might be good just to hack for a generic power source. Cut off the cig plug, hook it up to a 5V regulator - anyone, any guesses what it’d output through something like that?


Will only charge my car battery and do nothing else?


i SO read this as a TINKLE charger. don’t want to know where that plug goes!


so I guess this is for people without alternators? people who want to wait 36 hours to charge their battery? really what is this thing(y)


my car comes equipped with an alternator. If it didn’t I’d consider one of these


4 stars on Amazon. That’s nice…


My Toyota turns off the power port when the key is off.
So to charge it I have to leave the key on?
I don’t think this will work!


Before you spring for one of these, make sure your lighter has power with the ignition in the “off” position, or it won’t do you any good.


I use it on my riding lawnmower and I have never had to charge the batter


It’s called an outlet for a reason.

Also, if your car closes the circuit to the power outlet when you cut it off, which almost every new car does, it’ll be pretty much useless.


If you’re going to do something meaty with solar power, I would buy a meaty solar panel rather than hacking this one. You can do better than $10/Watt on bigger panels.


I think they all do


Two problems with this: it will only work if your lighter socket is ‘hot’ even with the ignition off and key out, and it probably doesn’t put out enough power to keep up with parasitic drains from you car’s computer, clock, etc. Remember, it only works at most about 8 hours a day, putting out, at most, 80MW. If it had twice the output it might be worth it…if you have an old vehicle or one with an always-on accessory socket.


I’m not sure you can say that it “recharges” your car battery - it only really prevents it from discharging if you don’t use your car for a while.

1W at 12V is 0.083A. Considering that most car batteries have a capacity of more than 50Ah, this means that you’d need more than 25 days of continuous bright sunlight to recharge it using this “charger” if the battery is depleted…