Coleman Solar Powered Trickle Charger

Just in case your trickle needs charging!!!

Are you serious?..I think i’d be better off having my trusty hamster run the wheel to charge my phone.

No for real “Bag O’ Crap” is next…

I wonder how this would be like in Iceland

Can I mount this on my Roomba and keep it charged?

I got 3 for my chicken coop.

this was going for $9.99 a month ago

Buy 3!!!

What is going on here? 3 products in under a minute???

this really helps charge your car’s battery from the cigarette lighter? i find that kinda odd.

there was no time for hesitation for the 22" monitor

now THIS is a certified w00t killah

not a bad price but what would i use it for?

radio sheck crep

I’m good. I don’t need to power my trickle.

this was going for $9.99 a month ago

weird. why can i not post?

nvm this posted…finally ha ha

If anyone actually wants this, be sure your cigarette lighter is “always on.” Those that switch off with the car, will not have a connected circuit for the trickle-charger to charge the battery. Could still work, but some rewiring is in your future.