Coleman Solar Powered Trickle Charger

goofy item, but so is this wootoff

2 price bots. for the win

What do you do with one of these?

Just what I needed to charge my trickle!

yes, but only one with a quality post.

I dunno, I hear solar power is a big scam…

Next, please!



these things work great. I bought one off a woot off about a year ago for burning man. Kept my car battery alive

Apparently keep your car battery from dying?

will it power a USB powered mouse?

Solar Cat ON!!!

Our stimulus money at work…

Good lord…

Do. Not. Want.

could these be used as a battery tender for my motorcycle?

Where can I buy the “solar powered trickles” that this thing charges??

anyone know how well they work? because I already have the SAE plug on my bike… would plug right in.

How many do I need to power my house?