Coleman Solar Powered Trickle Charger

so long

For future reference… $9.99

haha… trickle

So I just trickle on it to charge it?

Bring out the CARP

uhhh…what does this thing do?

why do they call it a trickle charger?

Throw it in your back pocket for the next time your moped breaks down, give it a quick jump start.

i use one every night to keep car battery ready in morning

That’s what she said!

$21.85 w/o hipping at amazon. mixed reviews.

Trickle some of Tom’s Secret Formula on this Cole man and see what happens. It ain’t gonna be pretty that’s for sure.

will this resuscitate my wine-grape bonsai?

Talk about a renewable energy source!

I wish a company would make a small panel efficient enough to actually charge a device as if it were plugged into a wall outlet.

Well, I can see this woot-off is going to be short. Also, why do they always know when our clients are visiting the office, why?!

Bring out the cARp?

Hmmm. if it worked for cellphones and computers I would grab one! :frowning:

The revolving Woot Lights are lulling me into a hypnotic trance and telling me sleeeeeeeep!