Coleman Stealth Inflatables

Are these Kite Tubes?

You’d have to be “young and rich” to afford these.

I have the same question. Looks a lot like it could be, but given they pretty much outlawed the things I doubt it. I’d so be in if so though.

I doubt it, too; but I’m confirming with the buyer. I’ll update my post when I know more.

EDIT: buyer confirms these are not kite tubes.

I’m guessing they’re to tow behind a boat as an alternative to an inner tube or a specialized float made for that purpose. I can’t find anything at the Coleman website and no pictures on Google. Someone must have made some cool video on you tube but I can’t find it. Can’t figure out what those lumps on the back are for, to sit on or do you lay down and straddle them so you won’t slide off?

Given they aerodynamic shape, they might have been designed to fly a few feet above the water, at speed, if only for a short distance before they splashed down to hop up in the air once more. What a cool, dangerous toy. They must have realized the liability was scarier than the profits to be made, and thus the fire sale prices. Get 'em while they’re here, cause no one will ever make something like this again

OK, so this is a weird one. Google World Ski Lines Stealth Bomber. That’s the actual product name (you can see it on the side of the tube). You can’t find it by searching on Amazon, but google will take you to the product pages with no reviews and no pricing.

Amusingly, the 4 person tube packaging doesn’t even bother to show 4 people on the tube, just arrows that say “insert more people here” which I’m guessing means it’s not actually very suitable to having 4 people on it.

In any case, I haven’t found much more information, but nothing so far indicates that it’s a flying tube. Perhaps the fact that people might think it is a flier (based on the name and shape) and either be disappointed or scared is why they never actually seem to have sold these.

I found this regarding the tube: I guess you kneel on it and put your hands in the black straps and brace your feet against the blocks at the back, or maybe you can be like Russia and get a bunch of friends to sit upright on it and hang on for dear life as the boat blasts down the river. (Vodka not included.)

Yeah… that looks way too dangerous for me to pass up. I’m in!

Quoted off the box.

"New for 2006, the 1-4 person Stealth series is unbeatable, half in the water half in the air, fun! These tubes were designed with a main rail under the body to allow the tube to ride higher above the water for less drag and more air between the tube and the water. As it gets going, feel the tube rise out of the water and get ready as this tube craves flight.