Coleman Table Top Charcoal Grill

Coleman Table Top Charcoal Grill

What kind of grate comes with this grill? Picture #1 shows a grate that looks like heavy woven wires and picture #2 looks like standard style metal grate. Does it come with both? I would buy this if I knew it came with the grate shown in picture #1, no food could fall through it, if it comes with the regular style grate then this grill would be no better than any other kind grill.

Based on reviews on other sites, my guess is that this doesn’t include the mesh grate. One review, from 2 years ago, said that it was included but the majority complain that it wasn’t included. It would be nice to get an official response.

Not much info in the mothership Q&A section. I wanted to know that too. One person said they received both grates but two people followed up saying that they only received the regular, parallel bar type top.

1.) If you didn’t get the other grate go to a hardware store and buy “expanded steel” for 10 bucks!
2.) This grill is so small you couldn’t cook a whole package of hot dogs at once. And the charcoal will be cold before a steak is done.

Hi there. Our vendor confirmed it comes with the grate shown in the second pic. Which is weird because Coleman shows the same pics as us.

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“Coleman Yosemite Charcoal Grill National Park Series” is the version of this grill with the mesh grate, FYI

Too bad it only comes w/the 2nd grill. Too much stuff will fall thru it. I was about to order it till I found that out.