Colgate 360 Vibrating Toothbrush - 12 Ct.

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[MOD EDIT] Slightly different model.

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This is the manual version, not the vibrating version.

Careful. Every dentist I’ve ever talked to recommends “soft” and not “medium” like these, for most people (and extra soft for young children and people with sensitive teeth/gums).

With Energizer batteries… That rabbit will keep going and going and going.

Start your morning with a buzz!

These are going to be a fast seller for all the ladies…

What am I going to do with 360 vibrating toothbrushes?


Party? But you’re only getting 12. The name of the brush is Colgate 360 optic.

We do like our teeth clean. :wink:

That could be taken in a very dark direction…

That’s kinda what I’m hoping. Just so we keep it just up to the line of decency without stepping over.

We were cracking a ton of one-liners at lunch yesterday about this sale.

Perhaps ask lichme for some guidance?

“Let the special polishing bristles work their magic … cleaning hard-to-reach places”
Or should that be reaching hard-to-clean places?
Also includes cheek and tongue cleaner!

Can you use it on a cat?

Some like it…

and some don’t