Colgate Wisp 48 Pack

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Colgate Wisp 48 Pack
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Colgate Wisp Single Use Mini Toothbrush - 48 Pack

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Hah, hah Woot. I get the hint. Okay, I’ll go brush my teeth.

I just thank God that the condition on these is “New”.

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This is a nice deal. Seems like a good buy to resell individually for local shops or convenience stores.

quite the contrast from yesterday’s ecologically sound product to this wasteful (but utilitarian) one

What’s the expiration date on these things? How long until they become fetid all on their own?

What a bizarre offering.

This is like a tooth brush, but it’s not a tooth brush! Since it’s not a tooth brush, that means I should buy one since I already have a tooth brush!

The horror… the horror… the horror.

Just in case you forgot…

Do these expire? Do they dry out?

I hate these things. I got some for free at a promotion event and used them once when I was late. Big mistake.

It felt like I was rubbing a rubbery mint with spikes on my teeth…and the aftertaste wasn’t very pleasant either.

Are these plaque-compatible?

I really like these things, they are convenient, and this is a fantastic deal.

Well SOMEONE has bad breath at the Woot! headquarters…

This must be a subtle hint to that poor guy in IT over in Carrollton.

Best. Writeup. Ever. Comic genius!

It makes me sad the one thing I had to say was so common it was the first original thought here.

Loved tonight’s write-up though.

Just what the planet needs, another single use item. Is this to balance out yesterday’s earth friendly offering?

Just imagine, this could have been a
“tooth for tuesday” offering