Colgate Wisp 48 Pack

Yes, these are Mac compatible.

Also, Charlie and Dennis.

I like this woot coming on the heels of yesterday’s woot.

“Stop drinking bottled water…so we’ll have room in the landfill for all these disposable toothbrushes!”

I love these. Great for traveling. I always keep some in my car and some in the office. If you have that one cup of coffee a day, it’s good to keep these around so your teeth don’t stain (especially if you smoke too). This is definitely a great buy.

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Perfect size for backpacking when every ounce counts. Take one or two and reuse them as needed. Powdered toothpaste (lighter weight) completes the minimalist’s pack. 48 though, that’s a lot of backpacking!

Woot is all things to all people…

Yesterday, it was re-usable metal water bottles for the tree-hugging hippies to reduce their daily plastic footprint.

Today we have superfluous one-use tooth cleaners destined for landfill city.


Umm…in for 144?

Used it recently. There supposed to be a drop of toothpaste built in but I had to add regular toothpaste. Brushing with this brush was pretty terrible overall and I felt like I needed to brush my teeth with real brush right away. Personally, I will not be using it again.

Wow, bought myself some earlier today to replenish my supply. I always keep a few in my car’s console. A little bit too many for me to go for, but as was said earlier, good for a store… or someone who needs it really bad… :slight_smile:

Almost bought a package of these at Walgreens today - glad I waited! This is fantastic deal - thanks Woot!

Too slow…

In for 3. Now i’m off to the hardware store to make one of these:

Seems like a very wasteful idea.

I’m in for this one!

Except that if you look closely at the photos it says “Not for individual resale” right on the front of the packages.

Well I’m glad their new, refurbished ones I would be worried about…

In for three. I love these things. Keep them in the car for post-drinking dragon breath.

Are these just for bad breath or do they also prevent cavities? After brushing, where do all the food pieces go? Doesn’t sound like there is enough liquid to spit out since rinsing is not required.

I’d like to use these while camping but bad breath is not our concern; oral hygeine is.