Colgate Wisp Toothbrush – 48 Pack



Colgate Wisp Toothbrush – 48 Pack

+ $5 shipping

1 Colgate Wisp Toothbrush – 48 Pack
Spearmint, Cinnamon


48 tiny toothbrushes woah


I didn’t think my breath smelled that bad…


My heart started racing when i saw $4.99… Dang~


sorry! i prefer refurbished


48 one use tooth brushes? That’ll last me 4 or 5 years, at least.


Perfect for making some extra cash as a bathroom attendant!


$1.20 off the shelf for just one. I’d snag it before it was gone if I was you (you the one with the bad breath that is)


Every time I click buy one, it redirects to the main site… wootfail.


i clicked buy now about 5 times. didn’t go through. WHY!!! I feel robbed.


Damn I was about to buy 3


Got these last woot. Love em in the car after work, after dinner or a bar. Never know when you need fresh breath!


Total woots: 2

Blame pathe2k and ddrirc if you were hoping to get in on this.


lol - That’s just nasty…


Sweet! These things have triggered a migraine every time I’ve used them (three times… I learn slow). Looks like I’ll be on the rocket-sled to pain town in no time!